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Case Studies

"Oaks Golf has guided Paola Country Club successfully through some very hard times. I can honestly say that PCC is strong today due to the efforts of Dick Stuntz and Oaks Golf. Our members are very happy with the conditions of the course and operations in general. We are not only pleased with Oaks Golf but feel that they have been irreplaceable as partners with Paola Country Club."

- Robert Blachly, President, Paola (Kan.) Country Club


"Our sports fields thrived in a difficult growing enviornment thanks to the expertise provided by Dick Stuntz. You get all the extremes of weather plus the wear and tear of athletic competition. We were fortunate to have someone of Dick's expertise at our disposal."

- Brad Nachitgal, Associate Athletic Director University of Kansas


"Dick's knowledge of turfgrass and his skills to manage it are extraordinary. I regularly have him speak to my students because he is the type of professional that can tie what we teach to what is needed in the marketplace. When it came to selecting turf and discussing management strategies for Colbert Hills Golf Course, one of the first people we talked with was Dick Stuntz."

- Jack Fry, Ph.D, Professor of Turfgrass Science, Kansas State University


"In just a few months Oaks Golf has made a big difference in the quality of our golf course. Dick Stuntz has been a pleasure to work with and a person I look at as a partner in our success"

Fred Agnew, Owner, Pineview Golf Course, Atchison, Kan.

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